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Chapter 6 : Kill All, Become God
Chapter 6 Updated (again)!11/04/09
Chapter 6 : Kill All, Become GodChapter 6 Updated!26/03/09
Chapter 5 : King of KillersChapter 5 COMPLETE! New Author's Note!!
Chapter 5 : King of Killers
Update! And new Author's Note!
Chapter 5 : King of Killers
Update and LOGO up!
Terms and TerminologiesCOMPLETED!
Top Panel
Added Home and Terms and Terminologies
Chapter 1 : First BloodEdited (added description of S.S. Securus and Crosshair's victim- special thanks to Jie)
Authors' Notes
Added new announcement
- Added anchor tags to cause Changelog links to go directly to updates28/11/08
Chapter 5 : The King of KillersUpdated26/11/08

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Hey all,

As you may have noticed (smack yourself in the head if you haven't), we have a new banner up! Given to us by the beautiful Liza from Techvixen, I managed to get the banner up (no thanks to blogger).
On that note, if anyone out there is familiar with blogger widgets and coding style, feel free to email me if you think you can teach me anything, because placing a banner should not cost a week.

Yours awesomely,

To all artists reading this,
We are in search of anyone interested in becoming an illustrator for this blog. Those interested can email your pieces to me at

You can submit anything, be it a place, character or weapon, as long as it is related to the story. EntreCard users will receive ECs. Please include your name so that you can receive the proper credit for your work.

Thank you.

Good day to everyone!
Its the end of school for me!!! Thus expect more updates and less jibes about my tardiness from my annoying brother (i hope). Here are some updates!

As you can see, we are now involved with Stumble, Digg, Facebook, EntreCard (on the right bar below the disclaimer) and SezWho (above changelog).

Expect many updates and lots of fights in the upcoming Chapter 6, and... *pause for dramatic effect*


The no-longer-lazy <---Did anyone see the moon turn blue last night? - wj

Ladies and gentlemen,
I sincerely apologise for the long delay. The dreaded exams have caught up to w_h and myself. For myself, I have to take a leave from the action until my studies is taken care of. So, from next week onwards, your updates will be brought to you by the unreliable w_h (big hand for the man!). Thank you for your patience.

Yours enthusiastically,

Good morning/afternoon/evening,
Happy Chinese New Year to all, and we're up and running with many updates! With my agonizing school term ending, expect more updates regularly. The logo was made by my classmate who decided to humbly remain anonymous, but a clue is that his name rhymes with "Benjamin". Many thanks!

And we would greatly appreciate more fan art! Any interpretations of the 13 characters would be fine. Cheers and stay tuned!

Yours (but more my girlfriend than yours (sorry but she complained about my last message)),

Hey all,
After many sleepless nights, the terms and terminologies page is finally completed. OK, I'm exaggerating but it was a lot of work. So, hah, please appreciate. I will shift my attention in continue the storyline, so thank you for your patience.

Yours fantastically,

Dear readers,
I have begun my very annoyingly intensive editing of all previous chapters; none to the plot, mainly minor details like grammar or fonts, thanks to special help from ツバサ. We really appreciate all this input!

Yours totally-completely and utterly,

Dear readers,
Hi and welcome to The 13, the storyblog. This is a joint project of Wen-the-Brothers Production, we have a 2 main authors, w_h (that's me) and wj.

As you can tell, this site is far from complete, and the changes are made regularly. At the side panel, you can see the links to our previous chapters. Of course, I highly recommend everyone to read from Chapter One. This page will also keep a Changelog (as you can see above), which shall document the changes made to which chapters.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR ANYONE TO DO FAN ART! Just read the stories and draw any character as you wish. Who knows, we might just post your picture online. For more information on the 13, feel free to email me at

Yours sexily,

Hey all,
This is the first project together for w_h and I. So understandably, edits on small things, such as grammer, to big changes, such as the storyline, should be expected and frequent. I just want to apologise for that in advance.

We do not write a whole chapter all at once, only parts of it. Therefore, each scene of the chapter is denoted with a '~' in it. Normally, we update a scene each time. It should be noted that the incomplete chapter would always have a 'Updated on xx/xx' underneath the title.

We are encouraging people to contribute, even in small ways such as an honest critique or a comment. As i have said many times before, writing without readers is like baking a cake without anyone to eat it. Therefore, all readers are special to us. In other words, we appreciate your appreciation.

I can be contacted at

Yours humbly,

P.S. Those readers with facebook can view our page.


French Citizenship said...

I love the humor you've injected to your updates. Keep up the good work with the project. I hope to see more from you in the future!

wj said...

This is the first time someone actually commented on the author's notes. Thanks for reading.

lubasa said...

luv the autor comments =]
tks for invite me to illustrate but only do paid work if keep in interested ask my charges for it =]


wj said...

That is a pity. If you change your mind, dont hesitate.

Liza said...

Hi, sorry that it's taken me so long to get this done - I've been piled up with things (like getting a new job :D:D).

Anyway, here's that header for The 13 that I mentioned I'd maker. Hope you like it, but certainly don't feel required to use it if you don't want! Oh also if you want any changes made to it feel free to let me know :)

wj said...

Wow... Liza... You have me speechless. You do know I was only joking that time right? And don't worry about changes, what you have come up with is infinitely better than what we have currently. We'll put it up, once we find the time. If you need me to contribute anything to Techvixen, don't be afraid to ask.

ツバサ said...

Hey there, it's been a very long time since I've read up to Chapter 5. Well, I was coming down on the stress of my school work and projects. I'm fine now, again.

Strange...just like when I tried to view Chpter 5 the last time, I can't view Chapter 6. It still tells me that the blog does not exist...?

Okay, taking into account regarding my comments on your story, I'm going for a second round, and this time I'll focus more on your plot. :)

wj said...

Hey, haven't seen you for a while. I've also been busy with school work, thus the lack of updates. My brother had an idea, but, alas, writer's block struck, leaving chapter 6 stuck in limbo. We will try to complete it asap and post it back.

To Liza, im sorry. We have tried and tried, but blogger is stubborn. The widgets overshadow the headers and it is difficult to post your header up. Any ideas, from anyone, please let me know.

Roger said...

What a cool blog with such great ideas! A very fascinating story plot you have going on here!

Also thank you for visiting my EC marketplace, I appreciate that.

wj said...

No problem.

Liza said...

I see you got it working (sorry, I didn't see your reply here before!). Like I said, don't worry about using it if it doesn't look right to you or if you're having problems with it :).

wj said...

Yea! My brother got it in after many nights of burning coding books. And we love your work, it sits up there rather prettily right now, don't you think?

Author's note from my brother coming soon.

ツバサ. said...

Hey there!

It's been a year, and I don't see any updates...Just wondering: are you guys on hiatus mode?


wj said...

Yea. Definitely. Life has caught up to us all. We will try to resume this project when things have settled down.

Anonymous said...

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