The boy dragged his body to the corner of his filthy cell with the strength of his arms, wiping thick sludge off the floor as he did. His friend was in the corner, bleeding from every orifice possible.

"Here," the boy croaked to his injured friend. In his left hand, he unclenched his fist to reveal a treasure among treasures. A sugared biscuit.

He offered it to his friend.

With new found strength, his friend wolfed the biscuit down. The boy opened his mouth to say something when he felt a furious, stinging pain as a crack of The Whip landed squarely on his back.

"Get up, rodent! Where did you get that!?No more food for you!"

The boy turned to face the Slave Master, his eyes large and piercing. His defiance was rewarded with a vicious punch to the face. Tasting blood, he spat at the feet of the Slave Master. Right hand clenched, he turned and looked at the burly man with the same expressionless, grey eyes.

"I will kill you."

The Slave Master swung his head back in laughter,

As the boy plunged a long, sharpened rock deep into the laughing man's throat.


All of this stank of danger, and Rounin hated it.

The group followed cautiously behind Piece's fast footsteps as they walked through the S.S Securus,everybody keeping their space between each other. His sharp eyes darted around, taking in his surroundings as his naturally keen senses exploding from each sensation, but his brain remained calm. He was still dressed in his long gray robes which hung loosely from his shoulders, causing his body to appear shapeless and harmless. His hood was down, Rounin decided that anonymity would not be as dire to his situation as awareness. Underneath his robes, however, was his deadly Tachi Fang blade. Rounin felt its worn handle as he often did for reassurance.The S.S Securus' landing porch was large enough to carry 1 Jumbo Jet, and judging by the skid marks on the floor, it had already allowed one to land. The flooring was well designed with grids that would allow sufficient traction even on a rainy day.

Not that there would ever be rain when the structure you are in is above cloud level. The sun shone clear and directly on them, the dampness from the clouds causing a slight rainbow to stretch across the horizon, against the heavy pink and orange of the sky. Rounin grudgingly admitted that the view was magnificent over the vast outspread pastel cloud cover, and on a sadder note, reminding him of the green, never-ending fields of Oryza. A pang of nostalgia mixed with regret filled his heart.

A flicker of light reflected off the handle from a katana, wielded by the man Piece introduced as "Jack", into Rounin's eyes, bringing his focus back. His eyes narrowed and his grip on his Tachi blade tightened. This was not a moment to be careless.

Piece led them indoors into a large lounge. The interior contrasted heavily with the bland, metallic exteriority. The pungent smell of fresh paint was accompanied by the freshness of rosemary wood. It was decorated with sofas and coffee tables, complete with many art paintings and statues decorated around the room. In the center, there was a large tridecagon table surrounded by 13 comfortable-looking chairs. Piece stood behind one of the seats before facing the rest of the group again.

"Sit anywhere! Make yourselves comfortable. The rest shall be arriving shortly. Have a drink."

Piece said as he gestured to the glasses of water on the table. He was shortly joined by the rest of the group as they each sat down. The parched throats caused by the merciless desert sun was quickly relieved. The beautiful assassin known as Whisper swirled her drink around awhile as she peered intently into the drink. Whisper caught his eye, breaking her concentrated look. With a defiant smile, she raised her glass ever so slightly to Rounin, like a grim toast before she drank the water down in a single gulp. The sleight of hand behind the trick was convincing, but Rounin knew better. She did not drink the water.

A door to the left of the room opened, and two new people came in. One was a dark man, lean and dressed in old fashioned militia camouflage wear. The other was a young woman, bespectacled and clumsy. It was clear from both their stances that they were neither martial trained nor considered as large threats.

"The two of them will assist you fine people in your future assignments!" Piece exclaimed as he gestured towards the two of them.

"You met him on the helicopter as your pilot, this is Pickup. He's the guy that gets you to where you need, and if you're lucky, gets you back. Word of warning: he is crazy in any form of vehicle.

The other girl's name is Scope. She handles the intelligence of the assignments. She will also act as our "eye in the sky" during missions, so I recommend you guys be nice to her. "

"The other person who is not here at the moment is our team's doctor, Dr. Strange. Erm... Take my word for it when I say that you wouldn't want to meet him anyway. Now..."

"Wait a minute," Crosshair interrupted, looking extremely displeased. "Don't make me laugh. You talk of team and assignments and all of that crap. I don't remember agreeing to join this fantasy of yours."

"You don't have a choice." Piece said, quietly.

"What the hell is that suppose to mean, you bastard!" Crosshair shouted as he drew his Silent Night at Piece.

The tension was so thick that a knife can cut through it. The rest of the assassins watched the drama unfold before them. There seemed to be little movements among them, but Rounin knew better. He could bet that each hand was in contact with a weapon, ready for action. Rounin knew he was in a distinct disadvantage in this situation. His own techniques were close combat and stealth, both of which could not be used effectively in this current climate.

However, he had little doubt that he would escape this foray alive. What made him uneasy was the thinly-veiled threat from the man Piece. He was not an assassin, this he was sure, and neither were the other two with him. Why couldn't any of them just refuse the job? Take out Piece and the others, and threaten the pilot to land this infernal machine. Why didn't they have a choice?

He swallowed slowly, and then it hit him. The water!

He should have known. But, how? He didn't manage to detect any menace in his drink. Perhaps a new type of slow acting poison?

Piece faced them and took awhile before he spoke again, almost as if he was weighing his words in his mind before speaking. He almost looked sheepish.

"Yes, as some of you have realised, it's the water. Full of the world's most advanced nano-bots. Sorry folks, but it was a necessary precaution. Shoot me now and the nano-bots will hit hyper active mode, vibrating at a rapid rate that is so intense that it could potentially change the flow of your blood. Resulting in instant incapacitation, and followed by death at a cellular level."

His words were smooth, but his tone was hesitant. Rounin sensed that there might be more to this than meets the eye. Now is not the time for haste. Crosshair understood this as he lowered his weapon grudgingly.

Rounin gritted his teeth with anger. The desert thirst threw his usual precautions off guard. That was the reason why the meeting coordinates were in a desert. Even if any of them chose not to drink the water, the overall strength of that individual would have already been weakened, making it easier to take down that person. Despite himself, he admired the planning and execution of this operation.

Rounin considered his options. He did not understand nanotechnology. In fact, he never had a liking for technology of most forms, preferring the simple style of killing by blade through flesh. He knew that the nano-bots were controlled remotely. But from where? He was sure it was not Piece, as his body was at the front line of the situation. Perhaps the mysterious Ripper or one of the other assassins? Too many variables. Too much uncertainty.

Best to play along for now.

It was a long while since Crosshair felt so frustrated. He felt like a pawn in a giant chess set, with an unknown player moving the pieces. Nanotechnology? A ship with stealth capabilities advanced enough to rival the most advanced Neuerian Ships? He hated being used like a rag doll in the arms of a toddler.

Not that he had a say in the matter.

His Neuera eyes increased the magnification levels and zoomed to the microscopic nanobots teeming his drink. Microscopic parasites. They were of an original design, one that he had never seen before. He cursed inwardly. He shouldn't have flew off the handle. He brought attention onto himself, limiting his options, not giving himself time to observe the nanobots while perhaps coming up with a solution.

It seemed that Piece had not gotten over his initial embarrassment. He coughed to clear his throat before continuing," The nanobots have a myriad of other uses, besides a tool to gain leverage on you gentlemen. It serves as an efficient form of communication, allowing us to contact you without wearing any unnecessary equipment. As we speak, several nanobots are travelling towards your auditory nerves in your ears and your optical nerves in your eyes. Which means that you can both hear and view critical information for your assignments."

He paused and nodded towards Crosshair's direction. "The nanobots have also hacked into your Neuerian Eyes, therefore you will be no different. Except that we can see what you are seeing too."

Crosshair's trigger finger twitched instinctively. Talk about adding salt to injury. To say that he was angry would be an understatement.

Piece ignored him,"I'm sure all of you are tired, and perhaps eager to explore the ship." A large translucent map materialized in Crosshair's vision. "That is the map of the Securus. You can call it up or delete it from your vision by using... well... basically your will."

Jack, the smiling assassin holding a sheathed katana in his hand spoke for the first time, a little too cheerfully, "By your will? That's cool. What do you mean by that?"

Crosshair observed Jack intently. He did not seem one bit disturbed by their current situation. Was it an act? Maybe.

Piece smiled, "In other words, it appears whenever you want it to, but you have limited control over it. I do not know the technical terms, but even if I did, I won't tell you.

On the map will be your respective rooms which you can rest in, as well as other rooms for dining or recreational purposes. There will be a mission briefing tomorrow at 0830 hours. Don't try anything funny, 'cause we will know when you do."

Crosshair focused his eyes on Piece as he left with the pilot and the girl. The girl was quite cute if she took out her spectacles and put on some makeup. Perhaps he would approach her later to extract... erm... some information. Or maybe the shapely one called Whisper, although she did not seem to be very approachable.

The first of the 7 to get up and leave the room was the hitman called Mr. T. Crosshair's keen eyes scanned him closely. He was an averagely built man, with a handsome face and slick, black hair that was meticulously combed back. Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about the man was that he seemed physically weak for an assassin. How he could be one of the elite assassins? Nevertheless, his posture did not betray any weakness and his eyes showed no fear.

The second one to leave was the ever-smiling Jack. His short and messy hair gave his overall features a rugged, laid back feel. His evident happy-go-lucky attitude made it easy to assume this person was not a threat, but one would be a fool to think of such a thing about a Gemini Assassin.

Crosshair got out from his own seat. He had seen enough. Time to rest, tomorrow is going to be yet another troublesome day.



He heard many rumours of the "Floating Fortress", the S.S Securus, but being on board of it was nothing like it was described as. Most likely because the only people who lived to describe it were cowards who ran when they saw the Securus going after them. A true "flying Dutchman" in the modern day sense.

Deathtrap sniffed the air with his sharp nose. Sharp in more ways then one, apart from its shape. His nose was one of the many traits that he had kept to himself. Years of experience taught him the smell of danger even before it came.

The interior of the Securus was extravagant, finely furnished and freshly painted, an attempt to conceal the true identity behind it. Whiffs of gunpowder and metal, blood and flesh, each sensation tingling with intrigue and secrets.

There were many rooms along the corridor, each with its own strange and curious smells. Deathtrap walked casually, taking in small details into account. Observations from the big picture may be vital for organization and execution, but it is the minute facts that save an assassin's life.


Deathtrap stopped in his tracks. He smelt something familiar, coming from the right. He quickly paced down the corridor, swift but silent.

He paused in front of the source of the smell, a door left closed but unlocked, as if by invitation. Deathtrap took the invitation with a smile.

It was a green house!

As he stepped in, intense light radiated through the glass ceiling, forcing Deathtrap to close his eyes momentarily. Hundreds, no, thousands of exotic plants arranged in neat rows, some hanging from above. Billions of smells. Very impressive.

"Hey, you can't come in here!" A young female voice called out to him.

She is a brave girl. There was a time when no one would have been able to speak to him in that manner and live. But those were his younger days when his actions were flamboyant and his arrogance, immature.

"I mean it, Mr Deathtrap. This place is full of plants that are potentially lethal, even breathing it in would..."

Deathtrap turned to face Scope and grinned, catching her off guard and ending her banter abruptly. Her gas mask was oversized and looked amusing, complete with her bushy, slightly unkempt, light brown hair.

"... result in massive internal bleeding, rupturing of the basic respiratory organs. At least for this plant over here," Deathtrap finished her sentence as he lovingly stroked the purple leafed plant that was beside him.

"You know who I am, what was your name... Scope was it? Yes.. Scope," he approached her slowly, "I assure you, with my extended exposure to poisons, I've long developed strong immunity to any poisons available in this quaint garden."

He smiled and gently tapped her gas mask."Some of us have no need to hide their faces."

Scope stared at Deathtrap, his face was full of scars, painful memories of acids and blades. His demeanor was a frightful calm, like a lazing tiger toying with his prey. She stood her ground. She is a brave girl.

"I need this mask to protect me from the poisons, like I said..." Scope tried to maintain her composure. There was nothing to fear from this man, with the nanobots infecting him. Without warning, in one smooth motion, Deathtrap swiped off her gas mask.

Her lungs were lit on fire, raging and unrelenting.Her eyes teared as her orientation swayed. Her hands attempted to grab the gas mask back from Deathtrap, who remained perfectly calm while his grip was like a vice.

"There are cures for the toxins in your surroundings right now, my dear Scope. You have no hope of getting back this mask from me, but perhaps your knowledge on poisons might save you."

Her head was spinning like a carousel, and her vision started to cloud. In the confusion, Deathtrap's grin looked like it belonged to a sadistic clown.

Scope laughed, despite herself. A sadistic clown.

She fought her confounded senses and staggered to the purple leafed plant to pluck its tiny fruit. Her desperate, spasmodic fingers struggled with the tiny fruit's skin, but it was too late. She was going to die and she knew it.

No! She can't die. She won't die.

In a last ditch effort, she stuffed the bitter fruit and bit hard on it, its disgusting juice filled her mouth as her vision dimmed...

She saw the world stop revolving and become bleary. Her heavy body fell to the awaiting ground. But the ground never came as she felt strong arms breaking her fall.

She never even got to know whose arms they belonged to before losing conciousness.


Scope woke up to the pungent smell of dried blood, combined with a sickly sweet scent of medicine. Her vision slowly came into focus, and she found herself staring at a slow swaying fan with menacing-looking blades, moving so slow that she was uncertain what their real function was.

She blinked a couple of times and looked around. She was on an examination table in a eerie-looking, dimly-lit infirmary. The suspicious stains on the walls and the disorderedly conditions made her feel like she was in a strange dream.

More like a nightmare. The only thing that was missing was a psychotic killer.

A clatter of pots and pans interrupted Scope's thoughts. In her shock she tried to push her body off the examination table she was on, only to find her arms and legs unresponsive to her commands. A heavy, metal door creaked open, slowly revealing a silhouette of a hunched figure holding onto a sharp object.

Her eyes grew wide as she stared at the sharp object, which glinted in the light. Why, or how, did she get herself into this mess, meeting one strange killer after the next? This was seriously more than she had bargained for.

The figure stepped into the room and, with a loud slam, closed the door, throwing the room into pitch-black darkness.

With a click, the lights of the room came on.


Scope's eyes widened in horror. She was confronted by a face with dishevelled hair, blood-shot eyes and a surgical mask covering the mouth. Her body was paralysed, either by fear or by some other means.

"Don't bother trying to escape... I mean, move. Hur hur. I have already injected a sort of anesthetic into your bloodstream. Hur hur. You have been paralysed from neck down, my dear girl."

The figure that spoke was wearing a blood-stained lab coat. He was slightly hunched, but his height was indiscernible from the examination table. He scratched his head absent-mindedly as he twiddled with a scalpel.

A scalpel! Scope struggled in panic. What was this man going to do?

"Relax, calm down, rest in peace. Don't worry, I don't bite. Not yet at least." the figure said as he walked towards her. His voice was terribly unsettling. As if the sight of him wiping the bloodstains off the scalpel on his lap coat was not unsettling enough.

"Who... Who are you?" Scope whimpered.

He smiled a sinister smile and in an abrupt move, his face flew in close to Scope's, causing her to gasp in shock.

"I am the Saviour, the Messiah, the Genius, the Angel of Mercy! I am... God. AHAHAHAHH!" he burst into peals of maniacal laughter, "But! You may call me... Doctor Strange."

The Securus' doctor. Scope did hear he was a unique character, but she did not expect him to be so... weird.

"Erm, that's a nice nickname. Heh heh" She laughed nervously,"Can I... Can I go now?"

"Go? GO?! AHAHAHAHHAHA!" Dr. Strange laughed maniacally. "You can't go, even if I wanted you to. Strange is not a nickname, my dear, dear girl. It is my real name. A true genius does not hide his name in anonymity, cowering in the shadows. NO! He ventures into territories where no man dares to..."

"Erm... What's my diagnosis? I mean, you are a doctor..."

"Your body is currently healing at a rapid rate thanks to the fruit you swallowed. In fact, your body is now developing high counts of antibodies to purge the poisons, soon enough, you'll be pretty immune to the pollen of those pretty flowers. Now, after I amputate your left hand, you should be fine."

"Oh, thank goodne.. WAIT! Amputate my left hand?" She exclaimed.

"Hur hur. Just joking. But if you would like to carry out the procedure anyway, I would gladly go for it. You have two arms to spare anyway!"

"Thanks, I think, but I would like to keep both my arms" Scope felt her blood flow back into her legs and hands. She was slowly regaining the feel of her body and, in a moment, she was on her feet and stumbling out of the exit.

"Come back soon!" his voice rang from behind her as she doubled her effort to get away.


7 world class assassins at the same table as her. All listening and observing, motionless.

As much as she knew that this day would come, Scope realised that no amount of psychological preparation could calm her nerves. The fact remained that she had already almost been killed by the hands of one of them. Or was that a fact? She had the impression that Deathtrap, the Poison Master, did not kill needlessly.

Pushing her thick, owl-eye spectacles to the bridge of her nose, she attempted to clear her voice to begin her mission presentation.

"G... Good morning... Oh, I mean afternoon. Yea... erm.. Good afternoon, gentlemen and ermm... Lady. My name is Scope. And I will be going through the mission objectives with all of you."

She looked around to see their response. When she received none, she hastily continued.

"This mission is an extraction, a catch and run. High risk and low cover, we are up against heavy surveillance and strong firepower. We will be using all of you during the first mission."

"All of us? Hah, what's this mission, an attempt to kidnap the Queen?" Big Bang asked, laughing at his own joke.

"Well..." Scope's head tilted and seemed amused,
"We'll be breaking into Jakron Asylum, maximum security prison for the mentally, physically and criminally insane."

A hush fell over the room. Jakron Asylum was one of the most secure facilities in existence currently, housing a total of 2000 of the most bipolar criminals known to the world. Built on a secluded island and surrounded by destroyers and regular patrol boats, its defence was famed to be infallible.

It was also a well known prison for the most dangerous assassins. Many pseudo-nations left Jakron Asylum alone. It was common knowledge that should even one felon it housed escapes, it could destabilize an entire region.

Scope understood the hesitation. Apart from breaking into an impregnable fortress, freeing any individual from that madhouse was probably an act of suicide itself. The inmates were a multitude of out-of-control killers and it was safer that they stayed locked up.

For everyone's sake.


J said...

i think it would be better to make the character's name at the left side of the blog 'clickable' then display all the stats of that particular assassin including weapon of choice etc. so it wont be half as confusing to read about so many characters, their weapons, their skills at one shot with the availiability of references.

w_h said...

Actually, the list is already prepared, just never posted. Initially I wanted to wait for illustrations for each character, but I guess that will be updated another time. I'll get the list up soon.

Alot more honest said...

I'm going to try to attempt to read your l-l-lengthy chapters so see you

wj said...

good luck trying then. lol.

J said...

erm. i think just being in the dessert wouldnt make the 13 best assassin in the world drop their guard against a widely used 'poison in your drink' ruse. it kinda amplifies the threat of drinking in an enemy's ship instead.

J said...

corrections, 9 best assasins in the world.

wj said...

1)it was more like giving the assassins a choice... drink to keep your strength up and risk having nanobots infecting your system, or fight with depleted strength if the situation arises. The assassins were already under threat since the Securus appeared, so if the Ripper wanted them dead, he would have done so a lot earlier, thus taking the risk makes more sense.

2)They were not infected by poison but by advanced nanobots, which is quite unheard of. 9 best assassins have their own ways to detect poison, but to detect nanobots would be virtually impossible.

3)The only assassin that could have avoided taking the nanobots was Crosshair with his eyes. But his personality is... well... u can infer...

wj said...

Correction: it is 7 best assassins. 2 have yet to be introduced

J said...

1) i always had this idea that assassins have imba endurance from all the diff trainings they had. but i think that tend towards the jap ninja thingy. (watched too much anime)

2) i didnt mean poison as in real poison, it's suppose to be something more like 'spiking a drink'. and i meant it as the act of spiking not the actual substance used to spike the drink.

wj said...

I understand what you mean. Assassins may have fitness that is over the usual level. But any depletion of any sort might cost them their lives. It is like a photo finish in a race, a half a second is the difference between winning and losing. Thanks for pointing out your concerns.

Anonymous said...

Scope stared at the Deathtrap, should not need the "the".

She never even got to know whose arms before losing conciousness. add in whose arms THEY WERE would sound better?

but it is the minute facts that saves an assassins life. not saves but save?? :)

Anonymous said...

oh an another thing an assasin's life, left out 's... haha

wj said...

thanks for spotting the bad English, anonymous. Much appreciated.

0104hours said...

Hello Mr Wenhui.... and fellow boys,

I finally got my lazy eyes glued on your story blog and i must admit, I AM HOOKED SO GIMME MORE GIMME MORE GIMME MORE

kbaiiiiiiii, will b back 4 mre

wj said...

I'm glad that you liked it. This is the type of motivation we love to help us continue writing. Anyway, this is the end of chapter 2. For Chapter 3, there will be more action and an introduction to a new character.

WebbieLady said...

Such a talent you got! But why you post it online.. You dont plan to publish this story first?

Now you make me think of Oliver twist as I read up there... though Oliver is alone.

wj said...

Thanks. Publish? Haha. Perhaps in the future. Im trying out the net first by blogging our ideas down. This is to polish up our writing at the same time. If the turnout is decent, i guess publishing wont be out of the question.

The boy is Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist with a vengence. *evil smile

vishal said...

Frankly, In the beginning i was lazy to read, but the story took me to it.

wj said...

You are not alone in the lazy part. Many people I have recommended to have said it was too long for their patience. Oh well.

Franklin said...

You did well to keep my attention :) Although the start was a little slow... on to the next chapter ;)

wj said...

I admit it was quite slow. But I didn't want to rush through the start for fear of leaving out important information or plot points.

Nessa said...

I really liked this chapter. It was very informative. It provides a lot of information that makes the story easier to understand. At least, that's my opinion. ;-)

wj said...

Thanks! Do keep reading. c:

Suburban Survivalist Blogger said...

I will keep reading!

wj said...

Few Words. I appreciate them all. Thank you.

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